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The 10 Most expensive homes within 10 miles of Austin

Every now and then it's just fun to look at the most opulent homes on the market. This was written in July of 2018 so it will certainly change, but these are the top 10 most expensive listings on the market within 10 miles of downtown Austin in increasing price.

Even at the end of the list, this home is amazing. It's the whole Italian villa in Texas thing, and incredibly well done. The gardens and exteriors feel lavish like you're on perma-vacation, and the interiors are incredibly intricate with high wooden ceilings and archways. There is an overwhelming amount of detail in every room. If house Martel lived in Austin, they would live here. This 5 bedroom, 8 bath and 11,774 sqft villa on the water beneath Mt Bonnell is a bargain at $7,795,000.

This home reminds me of when I lived in Seattle. The wood, glass, and concrete combo is very popular in the Northwest. It is a super clean, almost sterile look and I really like that. As someone with minor OCD, clean lines and clear spaces are calming. This house has all of those. This 5 bedroom, 6 bath, 6,046 sqft slice of Seattle in Austin on 1.8 acres is $8,750,000.

Everything about this home says warmth to me. I think it is my romantic association with dark hardwoods. That's what I get for having a father as a carpenter. They are contrasted against a near white interior with white stone and steel accents. There are a lot of outdoor spaces here designed to enjoy life on the water. This has almost 200 feet of waterfront! This 7 bedroom, 7 bath and 7,745 sqft home on 0.6 acres across from a preserve is $8,950,000.

I thought the last home had a lot of hardwood, this one has it beat. It's really like a hunting lodge in there! It's a Texas bachelor pad on an epic scale. It has 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and 9,891 sqft on 0.9 acres also right on the water for $9,899,000. This place looks ready for an episode of the Bachelor. Who will get the rose?

White stucco, Spanish tile, white polished limestone. It's been done so many times, but for a reason. It just works. The wood accents are light and the interiors feel very open both in color and space. There is a lot of white, so don't forget the booties and don't touch the walls! There is a patio door to the living room that is the entire width of the room that opens to a pool overlooking the water. I'm trying to figure out how to top that and struggling. This 5 bedroom, 6 bath, 6,596 sqft home on 0.6 waterfront acres with an epic cliff behind it is $9,975,000.

What I really like about this home is its consistent design. It is a modern minimalist theme with lots of white, wood and steel accents. The exterior appears to be white stucco and stone with a Spanish tile roof which is always classy. I want to get tired of it, but I can't. Architect Bill Harrison oversaw the remodel and it all ties together with intention. With 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, and 8550 sqft you will have plenty of room for some amazing pool parties. This waterfront gallery of a home is $9,995,900. It is also on Tortuga, so it's got a little competition.

Computer graphics are getting really good, but don't be fooled. This is land and a set of plans for a house that hasn't been built. The design is something out of Aeon Flux. It has evil bond lair written all over it. It's only missing the volcano. Want to be Mr. Incredible? Then you need this 5 bedroom, 7 bath 7,500 sqft glass and concrete wonder. The spot for the foundation overlooking Austin will run you $10,500,000. The listing even had the build date set in 2019, cute.

This home doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up. Styled from the outside like a European church, it is certainly palacial. Inside it's 7 bedrooms, 9 full bathrooms, 2 half bathrooms, and 13,686 sqft most of the home looks like a modern version of the renaissance complete with lion sculptures and crown moldings you can get lost in. The sitting room could literally be a studio set for a Keira Knightly period film. Other rooms look right out of any new build construction you would see in the burbs. The real surprise is a super modern kitchen that looks like it is out of a Bond lair. Now I love both Bond lairs and European castles, so putting both in one home is kind of cool so you can pick your mood for the day. Given this thing is so large, the modern kitchen may be a second one. The man closet is simply epic. Just go look... This eclectic castle can be yours for $10,750,000.

If you've always wanted your very own French castle in Austin, this is your property. It's a very European styled home and even has an armoire that reminds me of the character in Beauty and the Beast. It is 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and clocks in at 13,686sqft, built in 1999, right out of the 17th century. I find it very odd it is *exactly* the same square footage as #3. Really I double checked. This home is the stuff of dreams and a price tag for princes at $12,900,000.

This is a near 66 acre waterfront property along the shores of Lake Austin. There is technically a 2 bed 1 bath home of 1,000 sqft on it, along with a replica of Shakespears's theater and what looks like an amazing paintball fort. The value here is of course in the land and the massive potential of this undivided property in such an amazing location. Build the next Disneyland on the water, starting with this land purchase for $39,999,000.

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